Tefal Express Anti Scale SV8012 Steam Generator Iron

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  • 6.2 Bar Pressure
  • 400 g/min Steam Boost
  • 1.8L Removable Water Tank

Tefal SV8012 Express Steam Generator Iron

  • Faster ironing thanks to double the steam and best-in-glide soleplate.
  • First steam generator iron with patented Scale Collector for lasting steam power.
  • Vertical steam-ready in 30 seconds – ideal for last-minute touch-ups.
  • With 1.8L removable water tank, plus built-in cord storage and easy-carry lock.

The powerful long-lasting steam generator iron
Looking for the best steam generator iron for quick and easy ironing? Consider upgrading to the Tefal Express Anti-Scale SV8012, Tefal's most powerful steam generator iron yet. Its 6.2 bar pump produces up to 120g/min continuous steam – two times more than a steam iron* – plus an extra 400g/min steam boost to cut through creases even faster. Our new best-in-glide** Durilium Airglide Autoclean soleplate gives you 33% more glide** and more active steam holes for fast and effortless ironing. The Autoclean catalytic coating keeps it stain free and in prime condition over time, too. This is also the first Tefal steam generator iron with patented removable Scale Collector – the ultimate weapon in the fight against limescale. Up to 10 times more efficient*** at capturing scale, this easy descaling solution helps preserve long-lasting steam performance for effortless crease removal. Simply pull it out and rinse it under the tap – scale be gone! Last-minute touch-up to your work shirt? Don't panic. Express Anti-Scale's easy vertical steam feature lets you start steaming 30 seconds after you switch it on****. How's that for speedy steaming? And if all that wasn't enough, there's a 1.8L removable water tank for up to 2 hours continuous use and fuss-free refills, plus a handy cord compartment for easy storage and a carry lock for safe transportation to and from the cupboard.

Faster ironing: The Express Anti-Scale produces up to two times more continuous steam* to speed up sessions, plus a 400g/min steam boost to tackle tough creases with ease.

Effortless results: The new Durilium Airglide Autoclean soleplate gives you 33% more glide** for fast, effortless ironing and optimal steam diffusion for efficiency. The Autoclean coating keeps it stain free.

Lasting power: Tefal's first steam generator iron with patented removable Scale Collector. Up to 10 times more efficient at capturing scale***, this ensures lasting steam power and easy crease removal.

Steam on demand: The Express Anti-Scale steam generator iron has an easy vertical steam feature that's ready to use in 30 seconds**** for speedy steaming – great when you're in a rush.

Convenient features: It's got a 1.8L removable water tank for up to 2 hours non-stop use and easy tap refills, plus cord compartment for simple storage and easy-carry lock for safe transportation.

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