Looking for a freestanding or integrated machine? Bosch’s range of energy and water-saving technologies across the latest appliances gives you complete peace of mind when washing your clothes. Install a freestanding model in your kitchen, or a built-in machine into your units, the choice is yours.

Do your bit for the environment with one of Bosch’s washer dryers. They use half the water of standard models, but perfectly clean and dry twice the amount of laundry. If you’ve got a smaller kitchen or utility room and still want amazing results, try their all-in-one machines.

If tumble dryer efficiency is important to you, then look no further than Bosch. The patented Condenser intelligently self-cleans using condensation water, up to four times in every drying cycle. This means that you can enjoy ultimate efficiency for years to come, and won’t need to worry about your condenser again.

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